Welcome to Purple House Blog

Welcome to Purple House Blog, a brand-spanking new companion blog to Purple House Designs!

Purple House Blog is different from blogs that you may have seen in the past in that it features themed posts that come from the “rooms” of the Purple House. Purple House Blog will cover a wide range of topics and each room of the house will handle a different umbrella of topics.

PH Blog house graphicMy posts will not only use material from my own collection of craft projects and recipes, but will also feature gems from other craft, food, & lifestyle blogs.

 Let’s get to know the rooms!

Blog logos wordpress-01Purple attic posts will cover topics like vintage finds, creative organization, & DIY recycled crafts.  Purple attic will regularly feature a post called
“Rad or Bad?” giving you an opportunity to vote RAD or BAD to photos of weird and kooky thrift store and vintage items that I discover during my weekly thrift store trips.

Blog logos wordpress-03Purple pantry posts will feature fun vegetarian and yummy cocktail recipes.  It will include recipes for dishes inspired by those found at my favorite local restaurants.  It will also feature meat and non-meat side-by-side recipes for those of you that have a lone vegetarian in your family.

Blog logos wordpress-04Purple playroom will include awesome kid-related posts including crafts and games for youngsters.  Every month it will feature a very special woman in “Mom of the month”.

Blog logos wordpress-05Purple library posts will discuss new and classic fiction and poetry. It will regularly include a thought of the day and a museum of the month.

Blog logos wordpress-06Check out to the purple lounge for posts regarding photography, art, film, & fashion.

Blog logos wordpress-08Purple workshop posts will include exciting DIY craft and sewing projects.

Blog logos wordpress-10Purple powder room posts discuss women’s health and beauty topics.

Blog logos wordpress-09The purple waiting room will highlight exciting “coming soon” products from Purple House Designs.

Blog logos wordpress-02Purple mailroom posts will feature Purple House Blog followers, as well as quick links to wonderful and inspired blogs and shops.