Melted Crayon Canvas

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crayon canvas 2-01

This project is quick, fun, and remarkably easy!

crayon canvas 1-06

Materials you will need:

A bunch of new crayons
A blank, white canvas
Hot glue/hot glue gun

crayon canvas 2-02

Choose whatever colors you’d like to include in the project, group them by color, and line them up in the order you’d like them on the canvas.

crayon canvas 1-05

Hot glue crayons upside down to the top of the canvas.

crayon canvas 1-04

crayon canvas 1-02

Now you are ready for the fun part!!  I recommend doing this somewhere where you don’t mind wax splashes.  I put down some wax paper and newspapers and I still got crayon wax on my bathroom wall!  I melted the splashes off the wall to remove after I finished the project.

crayon canvas 1-03

After you have your area prepared, use a blow dryer on high to melt the wax.  It will take a few minutes for the wax to warm up and drip.  You can choose how much wax you’d like to melt on the canvas.

crayon canvas 1-01

I added a blow dryer attachment to better direct the hot air.

crayon canvas 2-01

I melted the crayons until there was a thick, colorful layer across the canvas.

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You can also do this project with your little ones.  Let the wee ones choose the crayon colors and put them in a row.  Older kids can help you with the gluing and crayon melting.


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