Martha Stewart Glass Paint Review Part 2–another failure

A few weeks ago I reviewed a DIY polka dotted tumbler project on Martha Stewart’s website.  I wanted to see if the project was as easy as it looked.  I bought the Martha Stewart glass paint and tried it using supplies that I already had at home.  I was disappointed with the result.  I ended the earlier post promising that I would try this project again using Martha Stewart brand supplies.  I did.  I was just as disappointed with the project on the second attempt.  Don’t waste your time or money on this project.

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The project as it appears on the Martha Stewart website.

tumblers 2-1-01

What it looked like when I did the project.

tumblers 2-1-05

The Martha Stewart brand patterning tape and pouncer set.

tumblers 2-1-03

I used a paper punch for the polka dots.

tumblers 2-1-06

tumblers 2-2-04

Painting with the pouncer was just as difficult as using a cheap craft sponge.  I wanted a even smooth coat of paint on the glass, but the pouncer left a textured coat of paint on the glass.

tumblers 2-2-02

The paint stretched when I removed the tape.  It looked terrible!  Do not try this project.


DIY Beer bottle vase

beer bottle vase 1-05

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This project is inspired from Brit + Co.  Thanks, Anjelika!


10 Glass bottles
2 colors of spray paint
Painter’s tape
Puff paint any color

beer bottle vase 1-01

To remove the labels from your glass bottles, start by putting them into a plugged sink and adding water.

beer bottle vase 2-07

Push the bottles under the water to remove the air from the bottles.

beer bottle vase 1-03

Leave your bottles soaking in the water for awhile.  I forgot about them in there for a few hours while I worked on a different DIY project.

beer bottle vase 2-05

You will know they are ready when the labels peel off very easily.

beer bottle vase 2-08

Remove label adhesive by wiping bottle with a damp sponge.

beer bottle vase 1-07

I decorated 10 glass bottles.  I split up the decorations like this:
1 plain purple
1 plain silver
2 layered purple under silver
2 layered silver under purple
2 textured purple
2 textured silver

beer bottle vase 2-06

After you’ve decided how you are going to decorate your bottles, set the plain and layered bottles outside on plenty of newspaper.  Read your spray paint label to see how long you need to shake it before applying.  I shook mine for 1 minute before applying.

beer bottle vase 1-04

After applying a coat to the bottles, you may have to touch up sections that you missed.

beer bottle vase 1-06

Now it’s time for the other type of bottle.  Decorate bottles with puff paint to add a textured design.  You can do whatever you want with this.  You can add random, circular, or patterned dots.  You can even use the puff paint to make other shapes.

beer bottle vase 2-04

Let the puff paint dry for at least four hours before adding spray paint.  Just to be on the safe side I let my puff paint dry overnight.

beer bottle vase 1-10

Once the bottles you already painted are dry, add painter’s tape.  Just to be on the safe side I let my bottles dry overnight.  You can cut tape into strips to add stripes or use a paper punch on the tape to add shapes.  Have fun with it!  The tape designs will remain the existing color of the bottles.

beer bottle vase 1-08

Add a coat of spray paint to the textured and layered bottles.

beer bottle vase 2-03

Once the paint is dry to the touch, carefully peel the tape off of the layered bottles.

beer bottle vase 2-02

Remove the tape slowly to avoid damaging the bottom layer of paint.

beer bottle vase 2-01

This is what it looks like if you remove the tape too quickly.

beer bottle vase 2-10

Add a flower for a finishing touch.  What a great way to upcycle a beer bottle!

Carrie Movie Remake–Better Than I Expected


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carrie 3

I finally got around to seeing the new Carrie movie yesterday and it was better than I expected.  I expected that it would be an over-the-top remake (think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and I was worried that the memory of a modern classic would be ruined.  I was delightfully surprised that they didn’t add too much gore or wildly change the plot in order to “update” it. The new movie plays it safe and mostly sticks to scenes that appeared in the 1976 film or were written in the 1974 book by Stephen King.  If this movie looks good to you, go and see it.  You will feel suspense, just not surprise.


In 1976, Brian De Palma directed a film version of the book.  The book presents Carrie’s story by flipping between present tense (1979) and the future through the official investigation of the fatal “black prom” night.  The film simplifies this by making it all in the present tense.  The 1976 movie changes many of the plot points of the book. For instance, the gym teacher has a larger part in the movie than she does in the book.  Also, the order of the killings at the end of the book is different than the film.  In the book Carrie dies next to Sue Snell, but in the movie Carrie dies next to her mother.


I think that the new movie has less personality than the first.  The 1976 film has interesting camera work, including unexpected viewpoints and fast/slow pacing.  When Carrie and Tommy are dancing at the prom, the camera moves repeatedly around the couple dancing.

red hat 1

Do you remember that girl with the red hat in the original?  Every scene she’s in, Norma is shown wearing the red baseball cap. This is another quirk about the original film that gives it more personality than the new version.

carrie 2

While I did think that the new movie had less personality than the first, the new movie was better than the first in other ways.  The new movie was faster paced.  The film kept my interest throughout the movie even though I knew what was going to happen.  The tone of the new movie was more cohesive than the original.  Also, the visual effects of the new film were excellent.

carrie 1

The new movie successfully adds modern technology without distracting from the story.  The new movie includes things that high school students use today, like camera phones, text messages, and youtube.

**Spoiler alert**


One major difference from both the original movie and the book is that in the new movie Sue Snell is pregnant.  What did you think about this?  I actually didn’t mind the change.  After all, it added some optimism after all of that tragedy.  In the book, Sue gets her period right after Carrie dies and I feel that this is more symbolic.  Why not finish the movie like the book? Perhaps “menstrual blood running down her thigh” would have been too intimate, or maybe the director just didn’t have the guts.

carrie 6

In summary, the new Carrie film doesn’t totally fail.  You won’t hate it, but will you remember it?

carrie 4

Phoenix art museum

The Phoenix Art Museum is Purple House Blog’s Museum of the Month.

PHX art museum-03

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I recommend this museum to anyone who appreciates classic, modern, or contemporary art.  It is a great place to wander around and find inspiration for your own artwork. Scroll down to see some of art that I enjoyed during my visit.  Near the bottom of the post I added information about the museum, including hours, admission, and location.

Photographs of Artwork

PHX art museum-02

There is so much great art at this museum here is just a small sample.  Go there and discover the rest for yourself!

PHX art museum-12

Glenwood Canyon (Pictures of You) by Jim Colbert

phx art museum 2-01

Taos Indian Chanters with Drum by Ernest Martin Hennings

PHX art museum-01

General Custer by Andy Warhol

PHX art museum-10

Female Bather with Raised Arms by Pablo Ruiz y Picasso

PHX art museum-11

Gift Bearers by Philip C. Curtis

PHX art museum-05

Abstract Still Life by Burgoyne Diller

PHX art museum-08

Mascara roja by Rufino Tamayo

PHX art museum-04

Broken Wing #3 by Donald Lipski

PHX art museum-09

My Space and My Dimension by Funasaka Yoshisuke

phx art museum 2-03

Lex arceau fleuris, Giverny by Claude Monet

phx art museum 2-02

Flower Garden by Louis Ritman

phx art museum 2-05

Salome with the Head of St. John the Baptist by Carlo Dolci

phx art museum 2-07

George Washington by Gilbert Stuart

Information about the museum

phx art museum 2-04

Tickets: Adults $15, Senior Citizens $12, Students (with ID) $10, Children (Ages 6-17) $6, Children (Ages 5 & under) Free, Museum members Free

Hours: WED 10-9, TH-SAT 10-5, SUN 12-5, MON-TUES CLOSED

Location: The museum is located at 1625 N. Central Avenue, on the SW corner of Central & McDowell.

Getting here: Finding your way to the museum is pretty easy.  Driving–It is located north of the 10, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost on one-way streets.  Public transit–It is located across the street from the McDowell light rail stop.

phx art museum 2-08

Parking: Parking was free.  The lot had plenty of parking.  There wasn’t much shaded parking so it will be very hot in the summer.

PHX art museum-13

Photography: I was thrilled to discover that the museum allows photography of most of the artwork displayed.  Title cards display which artwork cannot be photographed.

Time allowance: I was there for over two hours.  You may need more or less depending on your museum going style.

phx art museum 2-06

Gift shop: I love art museum gift shops, don’t you?  The gift shop at the PHX art museum is no exception. There are so many quirky gifts to suit any budget.

Restaurant: There is a restaurant at the museum called Pallette.  I didn’t end up eating there during my visit.

Museum vibe: It’s got a relaxed vibe.  It was quiet but not stuck up.

Special Exhibition: There is normally a special exhibition but there wasn’t one open during my visit.

Culture pass:  This museum participates in the PHX library culture pass program.  You and a friend can visit the museum for free!

PHX art museum-07

PHX art museum-06

Easy Fabric Stamps Made From Recycled Materials

 fabric yarn stamp-07

Materials needed

stamps 2-02

1. Clean and pressed fabric

stamps 2-01

2. Piece of wood or block

fabric yarn stamp-10

3. Leftover string or cord

fabric yarn stamp-04

4. A piece of scrap fabric

fabric yarn stamp-13

5. Fabric paint and tray

fabric yarn stamp-05

Start by taping the end of the string to the top of the block of wood.

fabric yarn stamp-02

Wrap string around block crossing it to make a unique shape.

fabric yarn stamp-09

Trim and tape the end of the string to the top of the block.

fabric yarn stamp-11

Adjust string until it looks pleasing to you.

fabric yarn stamp-08

Dip stamp into fabric paint.

fabric yarn stamp-12

Try out stamp on scrap fabric.  How does it look?

fabric yarn stamp-01

Now try it out on the big piece of fabric.

fabric yarn stamp-06

Alternate stamp direction to add visual interest.

fabric yarn stamp-03

Throw out string when you are done.  Feel free to re-use the wooden block.