Martha Stewart Glass Paint Review

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I came across this polka dotted tumbler project on Martha Stewart’s website and I wondered to myself ‘Is it really that easy?’ So I decided to try it out for myself.  I decided not to purchase the Martha Stewart brand accessories (pouncer, patterning tape) for this project and I was disappointed with the result!

MS glass review part 1-04

I bought three different types of Martha Stewart glass paint at Michael’s craft store.  There were so many different colors and styles to choose from.  It was a difficult choice!

MS glass review part 1-01

I placed blue painting tape on the top of and dollar store stickers all over the clean tumblers.

MS glass review part 1-02

I started with the yellow opaque gloss and applied it with a sponge brush.  I thought it was too streaky.

MS glass paint review part 1 #2-01

I switched to the paint brush and had a slightly better result.  It was difficult to get a thick, even coat of paint on the glass.

MS glass paint review part 1 #2-02

The blue glitter paint went on too thinly.

MS glass review part 1-03

This is what it looked like when I finished a coat of paint on the tumblers.

MS glass review part 1-06

When I removed the painter’s tape and round stickers I didn’t get crisp, clean lines.  It looked terrible.

MS glass review part 1-05
I was disappointed with this project and wound not recommend using the materials that I used.  I am going to try this project again using the Martha Stewart brand pouncer and patterning tape.  I will post my results soon.


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