Painted Spaghetti Jar

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The next time you make spaghetti for dinner don’t toss out that jar, upcycle it!  I am going to use my beautifully decorate jar to hold my paintbrushes!

DIY Streaky Vase-04

Materials needed:

Spaghetti jar
Glass or craft paint, multiple colors
Paint brush

DIY Streaky Vase-01

Taking turns alternating colors, squirt paint all over the inside of the cleaned jar.

DIY Streaky Vase-02

DIY Streaky Vase-06

I used thick glass paint.  If you have thinner paint, you can try slowly tipping jar to blend colors.

DIY Streaky Vase-07

Use a paintbrush with a long handle.

DIY Streaky Vase-08

Start at the bottom of the jar and in one stroke move the paintbrush to the lip of the jar.

DIY Streaky Vase-03

Continue until you’ve gone around the entire jar.

DIY Streaky Vase-05

If you’ve got thinner paint, let jar dry upside down.


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