Easy Italian Soda

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Last weekend I was down in Tucson and had a delicious Italian soda at Cafe Passe on 4th Ave.  It was so refreshing that I wanted to enjoy it everyday at home. Now I can!

italian soda-05


Torani syrup, any flavor
Sparkling water or club soda
Cream, optional

italian soda-02

Check out Torani’s website to see their amazing flavors and also where to buy it in your area.  I bought this Mango syrup at Bevmo.

italian soda-01

Start by adding 2 tablespoons of Torani syrup to a tall glass.

italian soda-04

Next add 1 cup of sparkling water.  I used my Soda Stream, but you can use bottled sparkling water if you don’t have one.

italian soda-06

Do a quick taste test.  Is it sweet enough for you?  If not, add more syrup now.

italian soda-03

Add enough ice to fill the glass.  You may wish to slowly add a bit of cream to the top. Enjoy!


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