DIY Beer bottle vase

beer bottle vase 1-05

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This project is inspired from Brit + Co.  Thanks, Anjelika!


10 Glass bottles
2 colors of spray paint
Painter’s tape
Puff paint any color

beer bottle vase 1-01

To remove the labels from your glass bottles, start by putting them into a plugged sink and adding water.

beer bottle vase 2-07

Push the bottles under the water to remove the air from the bottles.

beer bottle vase 1-03

Leave your bottles soaking in the water for awhile.  I forgot about them in there for a few hours while I worked on a different DIY project.

beer bottle vase 2-05

You will know they are ready when the labels peel off very easily.

beer bottle vase 2-08

Remove label adhesive by wiping bottle with a damp sponge.

beer bottle vase 1-07

I decorated 10 glass bottles.  I split up the decorations like this:
1 plain purple
1 plain silver
2 layered purple under silver
2 layered silver under purple
2 textured purple
2 textured silver

beer bottle vase 2-06

After you’ve decided how you are going to decorate your bottles, set the plain and layered bottles outside on plenty of newspaper.  Read your spray paint label to see how long you need to shake it before applying.  I shook mine for 1 minute before applying.

beer bottle vase 1-04

After applying a coat to the bottles, you may have to touch up sections that you missed.

beer bottle vase 1-06

Now it’s time for the other type of bottle.  Decorate bottles with puff paint to add a textured design.  You can do whatever you want with this.  You can add random, circular, or patterned dots.  You can even use the puff paint to make other shapes.

beer bottle vase 2-04

Let the puff paint dry for at least four hours before adding spray paint.  Just to be on the safe side I let my puff paint dry overnight.

beer bottle vase 1-10

Once the bottles you already painted are dry, add painter’s tape.  Just to be on the safe side I let my bottles dry overnight.  You can cut tape into strips to add stripes or use a paper punch on the tape to add shapes.  Have fun with it!  The tape designs will remain the existing color of the bottles.

beer bottle vase 1-08

Add a coat of spray paint to the textured and layered bottles.

beer bottle vase 2-03

Once the paint is dry to the touch, carefully peel the tape off of the layered bottles.

beer bottle vase 2-02

Remove the tape slowly to avoid damaging the bottom layer of paint.

beer bottle vase 2-01

This is what it looks like if you remove the tape too quickly.

beer bottle vase 2-10

Add a flower for a finishing touch.  What a great way to upcycle a beer bottle!


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