Martha Stewart Glass Paint Review Part 2–another failure

A few weeks ago I reviewed a DIY polka dotted tumbler project on Martha Stewart’s website.  I wanted to see if the project was as easy as it looked.  I bought the Martha Stewart glass paint and tried it using supplies that I already had at home.  I was disappointed with the result.  I ended the earlier post promising that I would try this project again using Martha Stewart brand supplies.  I did.  I was just as disappointed with the project on the second attempt.  Don’t waste your time or money on this project.

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The project as it appears on the Martha Stewart website.

tumblers 2-1-01

What it looked like when I did the project.

tumblers 2-1-05

The Martha Stewart brand patterning tape and pouncer set.

tumblers 2-1-03

I used a paper punch for the polka dots.

tumblers 2-1-06

tumblers 2-2-04

Painting with the pouncer was just as difficult as using a cheap craft sponge.  I wanted a even smooth coat of paint on the glass, but the pouncer left a textured coat of paint on the glass.

tumblers 2-2-02

The paint stretched when I removed the tape.  It looked terrible!  Do not try this project.


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