Windowsill herb garden

Make your own windowsill herb garden with leftover glass jars!

herb plant 2-03

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Keep your old glass jars and turn them into a great indoor herb garden by transferring store bought herbs!

Materials needed:

Spaghetti or mason jars
Various herb plants (basil, rosemary, mint, parsley, cilantro, oregano, sage, tarragon, dill)
Rocks–feel free to use rocks that you’ve collected from nature
Moisture control potting soil

Since drainage holes aren’t possible in glass jars, the key to preventing soggy soil is to add plenty of rocks at the bottom of the jars along with moisture control potting soil.  Take care to water the pots lightly so that the soil doesn’t start to mold.  Also, turn them a quarter turn everyday to keep the entire plant nice and sunny.

herb planter 1-09

herb planter 1-01

herb planter 1-10

Start by putting some rocks in the bottom of your jar.

herb planter 1-06

Add some potting soil.

herb planter 1-05

To protect my table I put down a couple of dry cleaning bags.  I try to re-use things whenever I can.

herb planter 1-07

Remove the plant from the pot.  My plant came with a biodegradable pot so I had to peel it off.

herb planter 1-02

Stretch out the roots and soil so that it will fit into your jar.

herb planter 1-04

herb planter 1-08

herb planter 1-03

You may need to add more soil to the jar after you add the plant.

herb plant 2-01

Place your plants on a windowsill that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.



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