DIY Flower pen bouquet and flower pot

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With a few simple supplies you can make a flower bouquet that is beautiful as well as functional!  At this time of year, when there is a chill in the air, I decorate my house with bright, summery colors.  I’d rather hold onto the cheeriness of spring and summer than to switch to solemn winter tones.  If you are not like me and adore autumn colors, choose from the fall flowers available now at your local craft store.

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8-10 pens (I went for a 10 pack of Bic Cristal, but they don’t need to be new)
8-10 fake flowers
Wire cutters
Green floral tape
Flower pot
Felt circles (optional)
Floral foam or another material for bottom of pot
Dried beans in your choice of color

flower pens 2-02

Set one of your flowers next to a pen and trim the excess stem with wire cutters near the tip.

flower pens 2-05

Start by tightly wrapping the floral tape a couple of times around the stem and pen at the top of the pen.

flower pens 2-04

Continue to tightly wrap the rest of the pen with the floral tape.  When you get to the bottom of the pen, wrap the tape around it a few more time to keep it from unraveling at the tip.

flower pens 1-07

Repeat this with the rest of your pens.

flower pens 1-02

You can use any type or size of flower pot that you want.  I chose this medium-sized terra cotta pot.

flower pens 1-06

The bottom of my pot was rough so I added these felt circles.  You can also cut up pieces of felt and glue them to the bottom.

flower pens 1-09

Cover the hole in the bottom of your pot with tape or coardboard.

flower pens 1-04

If you have a fairly big pot like I do, you might want to add something to the bottom of the pot.  You will need a lot more dried beans without it.

flower pens 1-01

I used this leftover yogurt container. You can use whatever you have around your house: wad of newspaper, Styrofoam peanuts, or floral foam.

flower pens 1-10

Choose a dried bean that will compliment the colors of your flowers and pot.

flower pens 1-08

I used a pound and a half of dried white beans that I bought from the bulk food section at my local health food store.  It cost me less than $3.

flower pens 2-03

Add your pens to the pot and arrange them into an eye-catching bouquet.


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