DIY Beer can cactus planter

beer planter 2-05

beer planter 4-05

My husband picked up a six pack of Modus Hoperandi IPA for a BBQ a couple of weeks ago.  I loved the look of these cans and knew I wanted to make something out of them.  I walked by the succulents at my local gardening store and I knew instantly what I would use them for…upcycled beer can planters!


6 beer or soda cans
wire or metal cutters
needle or something similar to poke holes
pliers and small piece of cloth (optional)
potting soil
6 potted succulents

beer planter 4-06

Look for an interesting soda or beer can to turn into a planter.  You can even mix and match!  Once you’ve chosen, wash out your cans and turn them upside down to dry.

beer planter 4-01

Carefully cut off the top of the can using wire or metal cutters.

beer planter 4-03

Take care not to cut yourself on the sharp aluminum.

beer planter-02

Use something sharp to poke holes in the bottom of the can.  I used an upholstery needle.

beer planter 2-01

Carefully fold over the edge of the can to make a smooth top.

beer planter-04

The aluminum is very soft and it’s easy to fold over with your fingers.

beer planter-05

You can use a pair of pliers on edge if you wish.  Put a piece of cloth under the pliers to protect the can.

beer planter-06

Add a rock to the bottom of the can.  Succulents thrive well in dry soil, so the planter can get too light and blow away with something to weigh it down.

beer planter 2-02

If you are planting flowers I recommend using a handful of small rocks on the bottom.  Flowers will need the rocks for proper water drainage.

beer planter 2-03

Add about 5 inches of potting soil to the bottom of the can.

beer planter-03

Transfer the succulent to the can.

beer planter 2-04

Wow, it looks great and it’s so easy!

beer planter-01

You can even display your new planters on coasters!!!


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