Skinny Scrambled Eggs with Cheddar and Rosemary

scrambled eggs 1-01

This delicious breakfast dish is made skinny by adding an egg and egg whites.  The cheddar gives the eggs an appetizing yellow color.  Make this a complete breakfast by adding berries and whole wheat toast.  This dish is fast enough to cook during the week.  Yum!

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scrambled eggs 1-03


Butter flavor cooking spray
1 egg
6 tablespoons of egg whites from a carton or the whites of 2 eggs
1 thin slice of sharp cheddar
Cracked pepper
A few rosemary leaves
Garlic salt (optional)

scrambled eggs 1-02

Spray pan with cooking spray.  Add egg, egg whites, torn up cheese and pepper.  Do not mix.

scrambled eggs 2-04

Next add rosemary.  I pick a few leaves and tear it up with my fingers.  You can add more or less to suit your tastes.

scrambled eggs 2-05

Cook eggs gently on medium heat.  Stir mixture lightly.

scrambled eggs 2-03

After several minutes you will see eggs start to cook.  Stir gently.

scrambled eggs 2-06

It is best not to over-stir the eggs.  This recipes do not call for milk, so eggs can dry out if over-mixed.  Cooking at a lower temperature helps to keep the moisture in the eggs.

scrambled eggs 2-01

scrambled eggs 1-04

Continue to stir until the eggs are done.

scrambled eggs 2-02

You can top eggs with garlic salt and more pepper if you wish. Enjoy!


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