Thanksgiving Rad or Bad

Vote on these thrift store Thanksgiving household items!

Hello everyone!  I have been traveling for over a week and I am going through crafting (and blogging) withdrawal!  I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving.  Today, since it’s a holiday, you get to vote RAD or BAD on two thrift store items.  Take a look.  Holiday decorations can be so ugly, don’t you think? Enjoy!

Ceramic Turkey Platter

thanksgiving 2-01

This painted turkey platter is a tad on the ugly side, but it could be considered “ugly cool.”  What do you think?  I don’t think I’d put a turkey on it.  What would you put on this platter?

thanksgiving 2-02

Corn Cob Mouse Figurine

thanksgiving 1-01

What’s Thanksgiving without a creepy mouse figurine?  This figurine has a lot of details.  The ears are made from fabric and the whiskers are plastic.  It doesn’t do much but sit on the shelf although you could store something in his wheel barrow.

thanksgiving 1-02


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