DIY Snowman Chalkboard

Snowman Chalkboard 2-06Snowman Chalkboard 2-01

Chalkboard projects are so popular right now and chalkboard spray paint is so easy to use.  You will fall in love! I’m sure you will be “chalkboarding” things around your house like crazy!

This snowman cutout is a great decoration for the winter months.  I added ribbon and hung it on my front door.  My friends and family will laugh when they see the message in chalk because I hate snow and would never seriously wish for any.  Luckily, I live in Phoenix so there is no chance of snow this winter! 🙂

Snowman chalkboard 1-05Snowman chalkboard 1-04


Snowman cutout
Chalkboard spray paint

Snowman chalkboard 1-07Snowman chalkboard 1-08

Tape down some newspaper or a tarp in a well ventilated area (outside is recommended).  I used two layers of left over dry cleaning bags.

Snowman chalkboard 1-03

Shake paint can for two minutes (or for the time listed on your can) before use.

Snowman chalkboard 1-06

Following the directions on your can, spray a thin layer of paint over the top and sides of the snowman.  Wait for one hour and repeat.

Snowman chalkboard 1-02Snowman Chalkboard 2-02Snowman Chalkboard 2-03Snowman Chalkboard 2-04

After 24 hours, prime surface with the flat side of a piece of chalk.

Snowman Chalkboard 2-07Snowman Chalkboard 2-08


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