DIY 42″ Christmas Tree for Under $12

You can make this easy Christmas tree for under $12!  This tree is 42″ and is perfect for tabletops. Personalize your tree with lights and ornaments. Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

diy tree 2-08


DIY Xmas Tree 3

5 packages of 9ft garland for $1.79 each (70% off  the regular price right now at Michaels)

diy tree 2-0142″ Tomato cage from Home Depot for $2.78

Total cost: $11.73 +tax!



diy tree 2-03

Unfold the garland and fluff as you go.

DIY Tree-01

Twist the end wire of garland around the base of the tomato cage.

diy tree 2-02diy tree 2-06

Wrap the garland around the tomato cage and work your way to the top.

DIY Tree-03

Secure the other end of the wire to keep the garland in place.

DIY Tree-06DIY Tree-05

Start a new piece of garland where the last garland left off.

diy tree 2-05DIY Tree-02

Continue to wrap garland until you get to the top.

diy tree 2-07

Wrap the garland tightly around the metal tips of the tomato cage to make a tree point.

diy tree 2-09

Adjust the garland until it’s evenly distributed.  Viola! Now you can decorate your tree!

DIY Tree-04

My cat loves to hide inside of the tree!


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