DIY Ornament Wreath

Ornament Wreath 2-06

Have you seen these ornament wreaths before?  I love them.  I saw one the other day and knew I had to make one myself!  I used red, green, gold, and silver ornaments in small, medium, and large sizes.  You can make yours in whatever combination of colors you want.

ornament wreath 5-01


Foam wreath
Hot glue gun and several hot glue sticks
Lots of ornaments in different sizes and colors.  I used 16 packages of dollar store ornaments.  You may need more or less depending on how big your wreath is.

Ornament Wreath-01Ornament Wreath-03

Begin by removing the top plastic or metal hanger from the ornaments.

Ornament Wreath-02Ornament Wreath 2-08

Tie ribbon around the foam to hang wreath once finished.

Ornament Wreath-06

Arrange large ornaments in alternating colors around the inside and outside of the wreath.

Ornament Wreath 2-07Ornament Wreath 2-03

Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the ornament and attach to the foam wreath.  Continue to glue large ornaments around the inside and outside of the foam.

Ornament Wreath 2-01

Arrange large ornaments in alternating colors around the top of the wreath.

Ornament Wreath-07Ornament Wreath-05

Apply glue to the top of the ornament and press into foam.  Continue gluing the remaining arranged ornaments.

Ornament Wreath 2-04Ornament Wreath 2-02

Arrange and then glue medium sized ornaments in alternating colors into the spaces between the large ornaments.

Ornament Wreath 2-05Ornament Wreath-04

Arrange and then glue small ornaments in the remaining gaps between ornaments.  Stand back and admire your work!

ornament wreath 3-01


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