Dinner Party Tips: How to Prepare Food for a Vegetarian


Are you a meat eater but have a vegetarian coming to your holiday party?  Don’t panic!  If you follow the steps below you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to serve a delicious meal for your guest.  I have been vegetarian since 2004 and have learned what dinner hosts need to know in order to make me something I love as much as the meat eaters do.


1. Find out what type of vegetarian your guest is.

There are many types of vegetarian and it is important to find out what type your guest is.

2. Find out if your guest has any other dietary restrictions.

Your guest might really hate an ingredient are have a food allergy so it is worth asking your guest if he or she has any other food restrictions.  After all, you’d hate to make a special dish for your vegetarian guest only to find out that he or she can’t eat it!

3. Find out if guest is looking for a healthy meal or not.

Some vegetarians are super duper healthy, but not all.  When I was trying to trim down I hated being served cheesy pasta.  On other occasions, when I had a huge appetite, I was disappointed to be served only steamed veggies.

4. Find a vegetarian dish that meets your requirements.

If you are reading this you must be at least a little tech savvy. That is good because the internet will be your best resource when finding vegetarian recipes.


It might seem like there aren’t very many proteins available to vegetarians, but there are actually quite a few protein sources: beans (legumes and lentils), soy (including tofu), mushrooms, quinoa, meat substitutes. Eggs are also an excellent source of protein, but they are not eaten by vegans.


There are lots of meat substitutes on the market today.  You could make a vegetarian meal that mirrors the meat dish.  I would ask your guest if he or she likes meat substitutes.

If you are still stuck just ask your guest what he or she wants.

5.  Be careful how you prepare your vegetarian food.

The best way to make sure that your dish remains vegetarian is to act as though your guest is allergic to meat.  In other words, do not use a meat dish utensil on a vegetarian dish.  Similarly, do not cook a vegetarian dish in an uncooked meat pan.


Follow these steps and you are sure to have a happy dinner guest!


One thought on “Dinner Party Tips: How to Prepare Food for a Vegetarian

  1. Great tips 🙂 one of the biggest thing people do not realize is that things like chicken stock is NOT vegetarian. Soup is a great veggie option, but stick with vegetable stock.

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