DIY 2014 New Year Glitter Candle

 Glitter candle 2-04

You can make the beautiful New Years candle in any combination of glitter colors you want.  This project is fast because spray adhesive takes only a couple of minutes to dry.

Glitter Candle-07


Pillar candle
Painter’s tape
Printed letters (optional)
Fine glitter
Spray adhesive
Junk mail or scrap paper

Glitter Candle-01

You can use whatever candle you want.  I happened to have this 6 inch white candle that had hardly been used.  Start by making a straight line down the candle with painter’s tape.

Glitter Candle-02

Measure the length of the candle, divide it by four, and mark it on the painter’s tape.

Glitter Candle-03

Make a straight line with tape around the first measurement mark.

Glitter Candle-04Glitter Candle-05

Cut out a two in painter’s tape.  You may want to print out numbers to use as a template.  Place the 2 on the candle.

Glitter candle 3-01

Cover top of candle with painter’s tape.

Glitter Candle-06

Wrap the candle with junk mail or scrap paper.

Glitter Candle-08

Spray exposed candle with spray adhesive following the directions on the bottle.  You want a think layer of spray adhesive.

Glitter candle 4-02Glitter candle 4-01

Sprinkle a layer of glitter on candle over a fresh piece of paper or newspaper.

Glitter Candle-09

Shake off excess glitter and remove tape.

Glitter Candle-10Glitter Candle-11Glitter Candle-12

Repeat this process with the zero, one, and four alternating glitter colors.

Glitter Candle-13Glitter Candle-14Glitter candle 2-05Glitter candle 2-01

Glitter candle 2-03

Carefully remove the number tape from the candle.  Wipe away any loose glitter from the newly exposed numbers with a cotton swab if necessary.

Glitter candle 2-02

Happy New Year!  Have you started thinking about your resolutions yet?


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