DIY Feather Pen and Holder

feather pen-11

This project is so quick and easy.  It instantly adds color to a boring writing desk!  You can make this pretty feather pen in whatever color you want.  I chose a purple feather since it’s my favorite color.  I chose white for the floral tape, but you can choose your own color for that as well.  Use a small, leftover glass container filled with glitter as a pen holder.


feather pen-01

Floral tape

Small glass container (I used a jam jar)
Chunky glitter

feather pen-02

Take apart pen and remove spring.

feather pen-05feather pen-06

Trim the pen cartridge about 1 inch from the end.

feather pen-03feather pen-04

Remove the wire and floral tape from feather if necessary.

feather pen-07feather pen-08

Attach the pen to the feather with the floral tape.  Floral tape stretches so pull it as you wrap it.

feather pen 2-01

feather pen-09feather pen-10feather pen-12

To make the pen holder, put pieces of foam in a small glass container and cover foam with glitter.  Stick the pen tip into the foam to make it stand upright.


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