DIY Vintage Champagne Glass Candle

Champagne Candle 2-11

Champagne Candle-01


Candle wax
Scissors or razor blade
Double sided tape
Vintage champagne glass
Chop sticks or bamboo skewers
Rubber band or hair tie
Colorant (optional)
Candy thermometer (optional)
Wax pan
Larger pan

Champagne Candle 2-04Champagne Candle-03

Attach wick to glass using double sided tape.

Champagne Candle-04

Prop up the wick with bamboo sticks and a hair tie.

Champagne Candle-02

You may want to grab a thrift store pan that you can use specifically for melted wax.  I got this pan from Goodwill for only $1.

Champagne Candle 2-03

You may also want to invest in a candy thermometer.  If you plan on making more than a few candles, I highly recommend it.  You will measure the temperature of the wax so you know when it is the right temperature.

Champagne Candle 2-02

Shave wax block into small, uniform pieces so that it will melt evenly.

Champagne Candle 2-01

You might also want to add color to your white wax.  I made mine purple.  You can choose several color additive blocks from your local craft store.  You need to shave the colorant into small pieces as well.

Champagne Candle 2-05

Fill your wax pan up with your shaved wax.  Then find a larger pan and fill it with enough water so that your wax pan floats on top.

Champagne Candle 2-06Champagne Candle 2-07

Boil the water to gradually melt the wax.   Your wax package should tell you how hot to heat your wax.  I heated my wax to 170 F.

Champagne Candle 2-08

Mix in the colorant.

Champagne Candle-07

Put a cloth or newspaper under the glass in case of spills.

Champagne Candle-05Champagne Candle-06

Carefully pour wax into the champagne glass.  A champagne glass is not made to hold hot liquids so be careful!  I filled the champagne glass half way with wax to avoid cracking the glass.

Champagne Candle 2-09

Let wax cool for 24 hours.

Champagne Candle 2-12

Watch your candle carefully in case the glass cracks.  I lit mine and it was completely fine.  If you are concerned, place a heat safe plate under the candle, or buy a champagne glass with extra thick glass.


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