How to Stay Motivated–don’t give up on your resolutions yet

It’s been about a week since New Year’s Day.  How is everybody getting on with your new year’s resolutions?  Have you given up yet or are you going strong?  Somewhere in the middle?

If you are losing motivation, it may be time to take a step back and re-evaluate your goals.  Failing at something can sometimes be essential to success, because it can lead you to change.

How to stay motivated
to reach your goals

don't give up 2-01

1.    Set a goal and visualize you reaching that goal.

Close your eyes and visualize the moment you reach you goal.  How do you feel?  Who is there with you?  What will you do with your life now that you are a success?  Imagine the moment of success and hold onto it as you work toward your goal.

2. Break down your goal into smaller steps and set intermediary targets.

Write down your goal and then write down every little thing you will need to do in order to reach your goal.  Now make a list of intermediary targets.  Then put your plan on a calendar.  When would you like to reach your goal?  A calendar will give you visual inspiration.

Be realistic when scheduling your intermediary targets.  If you are pushing yourself beyond your capacities you are sure to fail.  Smarter planning will keep your goal within reach.

3. Have fun and reward yourself.

Come up with a plan that inspires you.  Make a list of things that you didn’t get for Christmas and buy them for yourself when you reach each intermediary target.  Or reward yourself with a nice meal or tasty treat.

4.    Have a strategy, but be prepared to change course.

Life happens.  Emergencies happen.  Write your goals in pencil and roll with the punches.  Adapt, but don’t give up!

5. Make a plan now of how you will deal with flagging motivation later.

Think about where you’ve had trouble in the past and make a plan to get you out of that situation.  If you need to take a day off of exercising, make sure you re-arrange your schedule to accommodate your needs.  Sitting down a re-evaluating your progress every week is a great idea.  Sometimes burnout can be an illusion.

6. Never accept defeat.

Are you sure you want to succeed?  Some people are great at self sabotage.  Is this you?  If so, you may need to do some journaling to find out why you want to quit.  If you think you are a failure, or may be doing anything you can to prove that this is true.  If you are close to quitting then take out three sheets of lined paper and write stream of consciousness writing and find out the root of your issue.  As long as you are working toward your goal you are a success.  Don’t give up!


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