DIY Vintage Button Magnets

Vintage button magnets 6-01

My grandma gave me a bunch of vintage buttons and they make great magnets!  This project is so quick and easy.  Super glue and hot glue are quick drying so you will be ready to use your magnets in no time.

Vintage button magnets 3-01


Vintage buttons
Hot glue/gun
White cardstock (optional)
Super glue (optional)

Vintage button magnets 7-01

If you want to, you can glue some white paper to the back of your buttons.

Vintage Button Magnets-03Vintage Button Magnets-04Vintage Button Magnets-12

Place a drop of super glue near the holes and attach the card stock.

Vintage Button Magnets-01Vintage Button Magnets-02

Set up your magnets on your buttons.  If your button has a shank, use two small magnets instead of one large one.

Vintage Button Magnets-11Vintage Button Magnets-10

Add a good amount of hot glue to the button and attach magnet.

Vintage Button Magnets-05Vintage button magnets 2-01For shank buttons, add hot glue to the small magnets and attach it to the buttons.


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