DIY Upcycled Magnetic Chalkboard Kitchen Tray

chalkboard tray-01

Give this old tray a makeover and you will have not only a beautiful tray, you will also have a message and magnetic board!  Chalk markers are so much fun to use because the color is so vivid and the clean up is so easy.

chalkboard tray 1-02


A leftover or thrift store metal or aluminum tray
Chalkboard paint
Chalk marker

chalkboard tray 2-02chalkboard tray 2-02

You want a thick layer of chalkboard paint, so instead of painting on several thin layers, pour one thick layer of paint onto the tray.  Pour out a lot of paint on your clean tray and rotate to distribute evenly.  Make sure you put down some plastic or newspaper first.  It could get messy.

chalkboard tray 2-03chalkboard tray 2-07

Squirt paint around the edges of the tray as well.

chalkboard tray 2-01

Wipe away paint drips with a toothpick.

chalkboard tray 2-03

Pop surface bubbles if necessary.

chalkboard tray-02

Let chalkboard paint dry completely before using.


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