DIY Glitter Birthday Banner

birthday banner 3-05

birthday banner 4-06

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, so I made him a glitter happy birthday banner!  It was so much fun.  I love adding glitter with spray adhesive since the dry time is less than a minute.  The spray adhesive won’t warp paper like glue will.  Attach the letters together with an eyelet tool or grab some brass fasteners.


White cardstock
Craft knife
Spray adhesive
Newspaper, junk mail, or plastic
Crop-A-Dile eyelet punch & eyelets OR brass fasteners
Tape or glue
Ribbon (optional)

birthday banner 4-08

Print out the file on white card stock.

Happy Birthday Banner

Click on the photo above to enlarge.  Then save to your computer before printing.

birthday banner 4-03birthday banner 4-01

Cut out the stars and letters.

birthday banner 4-04birthday banner 4-07

Use a craft knife to cut out the center of letters.

birthday banner 4-02

Next, put the letters in order and sort them by glitter color.

birthday banner 7-07

Prepare a workspace for the spray adhesive.

birthday banner-03birthday banner-02

I use several pieces of junk mail and a school project cardboard to catch the excess glue spray.

birthday banner-01birthday banner-05birthday banner 2-02

Spray the letters with the adhesive and move to a fresh piece of paper.  Then sprinkle with glitter.

birthday banner 2-05birthday banner 2-04

Shake off the excess glitter and set aside.

birthday banner 3-01

Now prepare your workspace for a new glitter color.  Cover the sticky piece of junk mail with a new one.

birthday banner 7-06

Glue on glitter to the rest of the letters.

birthday banner 2-03

Put the letters in order.

birthday banner 7-09

Cut up several pieces of cardstock into thin strips.

birthday banner 3-02

This is a crop-a-dile eyelet tool.  Be sure you read the directions and are familiar with how to use it.  If you do not want to invest in one of these, grab some brass fasteners to use instead.

birthday banner 7-03

Using this tool, punch a hole through two pieces of cardstock.

birthday banner 7-08birthday banner 7-04

Insert the eyelet and set, but don’t press too hard because you want the strips pieces of paper to remain mobile.

birthday banner 7-05birthday banner 7-02

Continue to insert eyelets to the rest of the paper strips.

birthday banner 3-04

Tape or glue to letters.

birthday banner 7-01

If you want, add ribbon to the end of the banner and hang.


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