“LOVE” an old wire coat hanger…in gold!

gold wire letter-15gold wire letter-14

Coat hanger wire letters-03

My husband gets his work clothes dry cleaned every week, so we have a million wire hangers in the closet begging to be reinvented into something amazing.

Coat hanger wire letters-04

After a brainstorming session I came across some gorgeous gold cord that my grandma gave me and I knew that it was meant to be!

Project Materials:

Wire coat hanger
Pliers with wire cutting function
Yarn or decorative cord
Hot glue/gun

gold wire letter-03

Cut off the top of the hanger and discard.

gold wire letter-02

Straighten out the wire hanger using your pliers.

wire hanger letters

Then shape the hanger wire into letters.  The wire is thick and bending it will take some effort.

gold wire letter-01

gold wire letter-04

gold wire letter-05

Coat hanger wire letters-02

gold wire letter-06

Don’t worry if the wire coating comes off.  You won’t be able to see the chips once it’s covered with the decorative cord.

gold wire letter-07gold wire letter-08

When you finish the “e” bend the rest of the wire back to act as a stand.

gold wire letter-09

Tweak the shape of letters if necessary.  I played around with the “L” for awhile.

Coat hanger wire letters-05

Add a small drop of hot glue to the end of the “L.”

Coat hanger wire letters-06

Firmly attach your yarn or cord to the hot glue.

gold wire letter-10

Wrap the cord tightly around the wire.  After about an inch add another small dab of hot glue to the wire.

gold wire letter-11gold wire letter-12

Continue to glue and wrap.

Coat hanger wire letters-01

Trim off the end of the cord with a sharp pair of scissors.

gold wire letter-13

Now find a place to display!


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