Turn an Old Soap Dispenser into a Plant Waterer

Soap waterer 3-03

Soap waterer 3-04

I love finding new uses for my leftover containers and this is so practical!  It allows me to add a small amount of water to my indoor herb garden every morning without spilling a drop!

Soap Waterer 2-05


Empty soap container
Goo gone (if necessary)
Rain on me print out
Clear contact paper
Glue (I used spray adhesive)

soap waterer-01

Clean out your empty soap container.  I ran mine through the dishwasher twice.  I still had some sticky residue on the front and back from the label and removed it with goo gone and elbow grease.

Rain on me download

Click on the above image and save to your desktop.

Soap Waterer 2-01

Print it in color on regular paper or get it printed at your local printing center.

Soap Waterer 2-04

Cut out paper to fit your soap container.

soap waterer-03

Trace printout on the back side of the contact paper with a pencil.

soap waterer-05

Cut contact paper about half an inch beyond your traced circle.

Soap Waterer 2-06

Peel off the backing of the contact paper and attach printout.

Soap Waterer 2-03

Trim contact paper if necessary.

Soap Waterer 2-02

Attach to soap container with glue.  I used spray adhesive.

soap waterer-02

Smooth your new label onto the soap container.

soap waterer-04

Fill your new watering container with fresh water and you are ready to go!

Soap waterer 3-02Soap waterer 3-01


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