DIY Scented Paper Heart Confetti

Heart Confetti-07

With colored crepe paper and a paper heart stamp you can make this elegant confetti for your tabletop or bedspread.

Heart Confetti-06


Crepe paper
Heart paper stamp
Thick junk mail

Heart Confetti-05Heart Confetti-04

Take a thick piece of junk mail and wrap it around your crepe paper.

Heart Confetti-01Heart Confetti-02

This added thickness will make it easier to get a clean cut from your heart stamp.

Heart Confetti 2-02Heart Confetti 2-01

When you punch through the paper you will get three hearts.

Heart Confetti-03

Put crepe paper hearts together and spray with perfume.  Do not spray too close to the paper or you will get saturation marks.

Heart Confetti-08

Sprinkle your scented heart confetti on your bedspread for added romance.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day!!!


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