DIY Red Foam Heart Door Hang

Red Foam Heart Doorhang-13

It’s February and love is in the air!  It’s the perfect time to add some love to your home decor.  This door hang is easy to make and adds a nice bright pop of color.

Red Foam Heart Doorhang-14


Sheet of red foam
Matching thread
Sewing machine
Hot glue
Hot glue gun

Red Foam Heart Doorhang-03

If you have a large foam sheet like mine start by folding it in half and cutting it into two pieces.  Set one aside.  You will only need one half.

Red Foam Heart Doorhang-02

Cut a 1 inch strip from the short side of the foam.

Red Foam Doorhang 2-01

Fold this strip in half.

Red Foam Doorhang 2-03

Fold the large piece of foam in half and insert strip into folded foam.

Red Foam Heart Doorhang-07

Prepare your sewing machine for working with foam.  You may wish to use a non-stick foot or a larger needle.

Red Foam Doorhang 2-05

You also may wish to lower your feed dogs.

Red Foam Doorhang 2-02

On my sewing machine, you can lower the feed dogs with a switch located on the back of the machine.

Red Foam Heart Doorhang-08

Begin sewing the folded side of the piece of foam with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Red Foam Heart Doorhang-04

When you open it up you should see the door knob loop.

Red Foam Heart Doorhang-01Red Foam Heart Doorhang-08

Next, fold the two ends of the foam together and sew together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Red Foam Doorhang 2-04Red Foam Heart Doorhang-06

When it’s all sewn together, cut into 1 inch strips.

Red Foam Heart Doorhang-12

Find your top heart and cut off the extra foam from the bottom.

Red Foam Heart Doorhang-05

Grab another heart and put hot glue in the fold at the top.

Red Foam Heart Doorhang-11

Glue the hearts together and hold together firmly until glue cools.

Red Foam Heart Doorhang-10

Add another line of hot glue on each side to add fullness to the heart shape.

Red Foam Heart Doorhang-09

Continue gluing hearts together.  I stopped at 4, but you will have enough foam to add on more if you want.  Have fun with it!


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