DIY Tiny Junk Mail Valentines

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-06

Do you get tons of junk mail like I do?  Why not turn it into a miniature valentine for somebody you love!

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-14


Junk mail (white envelope & something with red)
Double sided tape
Fine tip pen

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-05

Grab a junk mail envelope and cut out an envelope shape out of the corner.

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-15

Cut off a triangle from one side of your new mini envelope.  It looks adorable already!

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-10

Cut out a piece of paper to use as the card that will go inside your envelope.  You will probably need to trim the edges to fit.

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-09

Cut out a small rectangle.  You will use this to seal up the edge of the envelope.

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-01

After you’ve sized your rectangle against the envelope side, place piece on the double sided tape.

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-20

Cut off excess tape from the edge of the rectangle.

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-19

Place the sticky side on the bottom side of the inside of the envelope leaving half the rectangle hanging out over the edge.

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-21

Fold over the other side of the rectangle to seal the envelope.

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-07

Fold over the top and the envelope is done!

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-18

Now for the note inside.  First, cut out a small piece of red paper.

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-03

Place paper on double sided tape.

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-02

Cut paper and tape into a heart shape.

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-17

Put heart in the middle of the paper.

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-13

Using a fine tip pen add whatever words you’d like to your valentine and envelope.

Tiny Junk Mail Valentine-11

Put your letter in your envelope and deliver it to your valentine!


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