DIY Freezer Paper Stencil–Snowman with Bubble Pipe Free Download

Snowman stencil-05

Freezer paper makes excellent fabric stencils. If you’ve never tried it before you should do it! Freezer paper is easy to cut, it’s inexpensive, and best of all the wax sticks to your fabric when you iron it keeping it in place and preventing paint drips and seepage.  You can use freezer paper on most fabrics to decorate canvas bags, shirts, and more!  For this project, I put the snowman on a cozy, over-sized sweatshirt that I got on Target clearance.

Snowman stencil-07

Snowman stencil-02


Washed shirt or sweater
Snowman stencil print out
Spray adhesive
Freezer paper
Craft knife
Iron/Ironing board
Black fabric 3D (puffy) paint


Click on the above image to enlarge.  Save to your computer before you print.

Snowman stencil-09

Print out image, trim, and glue to the non-waxy side of the freezer paper.  I recommend using spray adhesive to hold the image in place while you are cutting out the image.

Snowman Stencil 2-06

Start by cutting into the snowman with a craft knife.

Snowman Stencil 2-02

Make a hole big enough to fit scissors.

Snowman Stencil 2-05

Continue to cut out image.  I find it much easier to cut out with scissors than with a craft knife.

Snowman Stencil 2-01

It’s important to save this triangle cut out from the snowman’s arm.  You will be ironing it onto the shirt.

Snowman stencil-03

Choose the location on your shirt.  I put on the sweatshirt and made a small marking with a pen on the shirt where I thought the snowman would look the best.  Don’t worry, the pen mark will get covered with paint.

Snowman Stencil 3-01

Set your iron on high and pass over the freezer paper many times to seal to fabric.

Snowman Stencil 2-03

Don’t forget to iron on to the cut out triangle near the snowman’s arm.  Continue to iron on freezer paper for several minutes until all the edges are sealed.

Snowman Stencil 2-13

Place newspaper or piece of cardboard inside the shirt.

Snowman Stencil 2-11Snowman Stencil 2-10

Add paint to the exposed shirt.  Start with the middle and carefully add to the edges.

Snowman Stencil 2-04

Even out the paint with a paintbrush.  This is 3D paint, but we don’t want texture for this project.

Snowman Stencil 2-12

Read the bottle to find out your paint’s dry time.  This brand dries in 4 hours.

Snowman stencil-04

Check your snowman after it dries.  How does the color and coverage look?

Snowman Stencil 2-08

Add a second coat of paint if necessary.

Snowman stencil-06

After your second coat of paint it dry, slowly peel off the freezer paper.

Snowman stencil-01Snowman Stencil 2-07

Be careful when removing the freezer paper from the painted section.  It can be sticky and you don’t want to stretch out your fabric.

Snowman stencil-10

Read your paint bottle for washing instructions.



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