DIY Handheld String Art–made from a flooring sample!

string art-16

I love making projects from stuff I have around the house!  The base of the string art is a leftover flooring sample that I got for free from Home Depot.  I got the tiny gold nails from my grandma (thanks, grandma!). And the embroidery floss was something I found in my sewing supplies.  This project took longer than expected to complete, but it was still fun and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

String art 2-01


Plenty of extra small nails
1 large nail
A flooring sample
Heart template (optional)
Double sided tape (optional)
Embossing thread

string art-01

You can find flooring samples at hardware stores or online.  When you choose one, look for one with clean edges like the one on the left.  I got this one from the flooring aisle at my local Home Depot.

string art-07

You can draw your own heart or find a template.  If you want to use a heart template, it is easy to find one online.

String art 2-04

After you size your heart against the flooring sample, cut it out.

string art-03string art-15

Attach it with double sided tape.

string art-10

Use the larger nail to make a hole for the small nails.

string art-14string art-11

Hammer in the large nail and then remove.

string art-04string art-08

Place the small nail in the hole and tap into place with your hammer.

string art-06

Remove paper template after you have added several nails evenly around the heart.

string art-02

You can use whatever color embroidery floss you like.  I went with a vibrant blue color.

String art 2-02

Start by tying a knot with the floss around one of the nails.

string art-13

Loop embroidery floss around nails in an appealing pattern.

string art-09

Then go around the outside of the heart with the floss.

String art 2-03string art-05

Cut the thread and tie it off.

string art-12

Finish up your handheld string art project by neatly trimming your threads.


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