DIY Magnet Photo Frames

Magnet frame-05

Happy Valentine’s Day!  My extra special Valentine today is my amazing Grandmother.   She is strong, classy, and elegant as you will see from these photos of her.  She has always been a style role model of mine. Why don’t you make a refrigerator frame for your special Valentine?  Grab your supplies and let’s get crafting! 🙂


Frames (new or old)
Scissors/craft knife, if needed
Spray paint
Drop cloth
Hot glue/gun

Magnet frame-01

I got these small plastic frames from the bargain bins at Michaels. They’re perfect!

Magnet frame 2-03

You will need to remove all the backing from the frame.  You may need to cut it off with scissors.

Magnet frame 2-04

Peel off cardboard from the back.

Magnet Frame 2-01

Remove the plastic too.

Magnet frame 2-02

If you want, you can use a craft knife to remove the backing.

Magnet frame 2-07

It can be difficult to remove all of the backing from the frames,  just do the best that you can.

Magnet frame 2-14

For a frame like this, simply remove the backing and glass and discard.  I got this metal frame from Savers.

Magnet frame 2-06

You can choose whatever color of spray paint that you want.  I went with this sunrise red for Valentine’s Day.  I recommend getting glossy paint for a nice shine.

Magnet frame-04

Place your frames face up on a drop cloth and spray them with paint following the directions on the can.  There are lots of groves on the frames so make sure you spray from several directions.

Magnet frame-03

Add a second coat of paint if desired.  Read the side of your can for coating times and instructions.

Magnet frame 2-11

Let frames dry completely before touching.

Magnet frame 2-08

Turn your frames over and place magnets where you would like them to go.

Magnet frame 2-09Magnet frame 2-05

Add hot glue to magnets and press in place.

Magnet frame 2-12

For my re-done vintage frame I only used glue on half of the magnet.

Magnet frame-07

These frames are perfect for Christmas photos!  Just cut off the writing from the side and they’re ready to go!

Magnet frame 2-13Magnet frame 2-10

There is no need to glue photos to frame, simply place photo under the magnet and it will stay in place!

Magnet frame-06Magnet frame-02

Happy Valentine’s Day, Grandma!!! xoxo


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