DIY Paint Swatch Color Wheel

Color Wheel-01

A color wheel is not only a useful art tool, it’s also great wall art! Paint swatches work well for this project because they are rich in color and super easy to acquire.  I used a heart punch, but you can use whatever a paper punch in whatever shape you want.  Get creative!

Paint Swatch Color Wheel-01


color wheel printed out on card stock
heart paper punch
paint swatches
double sided tape
frame (optional)

Paint Swatch Color Wheel-04

Print out the template below and print out on white card stock.

Color wheel 2-01

Click to enlarge.  Save to your computer before printing.

Paint Swatch Color Wheel-03

Cut out color wheel.

Paint Swatch Color Wheel-05

Collect your paint swatches.  I got mine for free from Home Depot, but I’m sure they are available in most hardware stores.

Paint Swatch Color Wheel-08

Arrange your samples to make sure you have all the colors that you need.  You will need 12 colors: yellow, yellow-orange, orange, red-orange, red, violet-red, violet, blue-violet, blue, blue-green, green, and yellow-green.

Paint Swatch Color Wheel-07

Punch out a heart for each color.

Paint Swatch Color Wheel-09

Arrange the hearts with the heart tips pointing toward the center of the circle.

Paint Swatch Color Wheel-06

Attach them using double sided tape.

Color wheel heart-01

Make sure the hearts are all the same distance from the edge.

Paint Swatch Color Wheel-02

Now you’ve got a great new color wheel!

Color Wheel-02

Display as is or put in a frame.  I put mine in a white, square shadow box.


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