DIY Quick Dye Garment Makeover

Dyed Jacket-01

I found this polka dotted blazer on clearance and loved it so much that I bought two of them!  It is so easy to dye garments with liquid fabric dye right in your kitchen sink.  It’s fast and easy and you can wear your newly dyed garment the same day you dye it!

Dyed Jacket 3-03


Liquid fabric dye
3 gallons of hot water (48 cups)
Wooden spoon or rubber gloves

Dyed Jacket 3-01

If you are dying a brand new item, wash first before dying.  You don’t have to use a brand new garment, however.  You can add new life to a tired piece from the back of your closet.  Read the side of the fabric dye bottle for more information about fabric types that are suitable for dying.  You can learn a lot about dye on Rit Dye’s website.  I recommend wearing black while your dye your garment so that splashes will not ruin what you are wearing.

Dyed Jacket 3-06

Add 3 gallons of hot water to a plugged sink.

Dyed Jacket 3-08

Add half of the bottle of dye to the water.

Dyed Jacket 2-01

Get your garment wet with hot water and wring out.

Dyed Jacket 3-07

Slowly drop garment into liquid.

Dyed Jacket 3-04

Move fabric around constantly for 10 minutes.

Dyed Jacket 3-02

Flip garment over.  Use a spoon or rubber gloves or your hands will turn the color of the dye.

Dyed Jacket 3-05

After 10 minutes, remove garment and rise thoroughly with warm water.  Wash your sink with bleach to avoid staining.

Dyed Jacket 2-02

Quick wash your garment in your washing machine.  Use an appropriate setting for your garment.  I washed my blazer on cold water, low spin.  Hang dry or machine dry.

Dyed Jacket 2-03

Your garment can be worn immediately. Have fun!


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