DIY Hello Sign

Hello sign 2-16

Using a free flooring sample, spray paint, and hand cut tape stencils, you can turn this boring piece of wood into a cute message for your friends and family!

Hello sign 2-07


Flooring sample
Hand saw (if needed)
Spray paint (white, clear, red, orange, yellow)
Drop cloth
‘hello.’ printed out from word
Craft knife
Spray adhesive
Painter’s tape

hello sign-10

Remove the label from the back of the floor sample.

hello sign-04

If your floor sample has a lip, you may want to remove it.

hello sign-08

Remove it with a hand saw.  Be careful!

Hello sign 2-20

Spray the smoothest side of your floor sample with white spray paint. Read the directions on the can for application instructions and drying times.

Hello sign 2-15

Cover with a coat of clear spray paint.  Wait 24 hours before proceeding to the next step.

Hello sign 2-19

Print out hello in a fun font.  Make sure there is space in between each letter.

Hello sign 2-18

Cut apart each letter and trim to fit on tape.

hello sign-01

Spray with adhesive and attach to tape.

hello sign-09

Remove tape from roll.

Hello sign 2-14

Add another piece of tape behind this one in order to preserve tape’s stickiness.

Hello sign 2-09

Cut out each letter.

hello sign-03

Using a craft knife, cut into the black letter.

hello sign-07

Once you’ve got a hole big enough, use your scissors to cut out the outline of each letter.

hello sign-05

Save the inside of the e and o.  You will be using these.

hello sign-06

It’s okay if you accidentally cut beyond the letter outline, simply cover with tape.

Hello sign 2-08

Remove the paper from the tape.

hello sign-02

Set in place and remove the bottom layer of tape.

Hello sign 2-13

Space letters evenly on the wood.

Hello sign 2-17

Cover exposed wood with tape.

Hello sign 2-12

Make sure to cover the sides of the wood with tape as well.

Hello sign 2-10

Start with the red paint and spray on a diagonal.

Hello sign 2-05

Continue with orange.

Hello sign 2-04

Finish with yellow.

Hello sign 2-03

I left the yellow as is, but added anther couple of sprays of orange and red to even it out.

Hello sign 2-01

Allow paint to dry for several hours.

Hello sign 2-02

Carefully remove paint from wood.

Hello sign 2-11

Find a nice place to display your new art.

Hello sign 2-06

Why not put it by your front door as a unique welcome sign?


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