Foodie Pen Pal February

My foodie pen pal for February is Kate from Sunshine & the Bear.


What’s a foodie pen pal you ask?  Well, every month bloggers can sign up to participate and are paired with another blogger.  Then bloggers send each other a box of yummy treats that cost about $15!  The Foodie Pen Pal program was developed by Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean.  Visit her blog for details and to sign up.  It’s super fun!

Kate sent me some great new foods to try.  I love that most of these things make perfect snacks during a hike.  I am excited to try out a new Quinoa pasta recipe with the Quinoa elbows she sent me.  Thanks, Kate!!

Foodie Pen Pal Februrary-03Foodie Pen Pal Februrary-06Foodie Pen Pal Februrary-02Foodie Pen Pal Februrary-04Foodie Pen Pal Februrary-01Foodie Pen Pal Februrary-05


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