March Foodie Pen Pal


My foodie pen pal for March is Colleen from CRichmanFreebies!

March Foodie Pen Pal-03

What Collen sent me:
Heart-shaped pasta
Apple Butter
Soy milk
Vanilla balsamic vinegar

March Foodie Pen Pal 2-01

I love soy milk.  I have it in my coffee every morning.  Delicious!

March Foodie Pen Pal 2-02

I am so intrigued by this vanilla bean balsamic vinegar!  Colleen recommended drizzling it over fruit.  Sounds so interesting!

March Foodie Pen Pal-02

This apple butter is nice and thick and spreads easily on toast.  You can smell the cinnamon as soon as you open the jar.  Yum!

March Foodie Pen Pal-01

The heart-shaped pasta is so fun.  I added creamy marinara for a tasty lunch.

Wanna join Foodie Pen Pals and exchange foods with another blogger?  Join now at The Lean Green Bean.



5 Minute Craft-Flower Envelope and File Folder

Flower File-01

I needed a new envelope to store my receipts and a new file folder to hold my paperwork, but I didn’t want boring ones, so I decorated them with flowers!  You can make your flowers any color that you want and can use any arrangement that takes your fancy.  This craft is so quick and easy.  It’s perfect for spring!

Flower Envelope-01


Card stock, any color
Flower punch
Hole punch
Paper fasteners
Ruler & pencil (optional)
File folders

Flower File Folder-05

Punch out flowers in card stock.  Punch out the center of the flower with a hole punch.

Flower File Folder-03

If you want your flowers to be evenly spaced, measure and mark with a pencil.

Flower File Folder-01

Push fastener through the envelope (or file folder) on the pencil mark.

Flower File Folder-02

Attach flower and fastener to envelope or file folder.

Flower File Folder-04

Flatten back of fastener to secure to paper.

Flower Envelope-03

That’s it.  It’s that easy!  Repeat this process until your boring office supplies are beautifully decorated!

Miniature Cinnamon Bread

Mini Cinnamon Bread-02

I came across this recipe for whole wheat cinnamon swirl bread from eat, live, run.  BUT instead of making one big loaf, I made three miniature ones!  I followed Jenna’s recipe except at the very end I omitted the egg coating on the top because I don’t like crispy crusts.

Jenna’s recipe from eat, live, run:

1/2 cup warm milk
1/2 cup warm water
1 (1/4th oz) package yeast
1/2 cup sugar + 1 tbsp
6 Tbsp softened butter (or earth balance buttery spread), divided
1 cup whole wheat flour
2 cups all purpose flour
1.5 Tbsp cinnamon, divided
1 1/4 tsp salt
1 egg + 2 Tbsp warm water (optional)

I recommend following Jenna’s instructions here.  Her blog post is detailed with many wonderful photographs.

Mini Cinnamon Bread Loaves-03

This is what my dough looked like after I kneaded it for 10 minutes.  Now I know what I’m gonna add to my wish list: a Kitchen Aid standing mixer!

Mini Cinnamon Bread Loaves-01

Put your dough in a greased bowl, cover, and let rise for 1.5 hours.

Mini Cinnamon Bread Loaves-02

This is what it looked like after an hour and a half.

Mini Cinnamon Bread-08

Grease bread pans.

Mini Cinnamon Bread-01

Take out some of the dough and roll out into a thin rectangle.  Trim with a knife if necessary. Cover with cinnamon mixture.

Mini Cinnamon Bread-04

Roll tightly and place in pans.  Repeat two more times to fill 3 miniature pans.

Mini Cinnamon Bread-06

Roll out leftover dough and make into a larger loaf.  It doesn’t really matter much what this looks like.  The mini loaves are the stars of the show.

Mini Cinnamon Bread-03

Cover loaves and let rise for an hour.

Mini Cinnamon Bread-05

After an hour cook for 40 minutes at 350F.  Your house will smell wonderful!

Mini Cinnamon Bread-07

Let cool then slice and enjoy.  Yummy!!!

DIY Pom Pom Cat Toy

Cat toy-02Cat toy-06

The Clover pom pom maker is a great tool for making pom poms and what a perfect toy for cats!  Tie a string around the pom pom and you can dangle it for your cat for hours of fun with your favorite feline friend!


Clover pom pom maker
yarn, any color
string to secure and hang, any color
thread scissors

Cat toy-01

The clover pom pom maker comes in several sizes and can be purchased at your local craft store.  I got the large pom pom maker from Michael’s with my 40% off coupon.

The package comes with detailed instructions, but you can follow my directions if you want to see how the pom pom maker works before buying it.

Cat toy-18

The pom pom maker comes apart into two pieces.

Cat toy-17

To make a pom pom, put the two pieces together and line them up.

Cat toy 3-01

Next, open two of the arcs.

Cat toy-16

Wrap yarn around the arcs.

Cat toy-11

Attach yarn to maker using a simple loop knot.

Cat toy-12

Wrap yarn tightly around arc.

Cat toy-13

Continue until the entire arc is covered with yarn.

Cat toy 2-02

Trim yarn with several spare inches.

Cat toy 2-01

Tie yarn into a knot to secure.

Cat toy-15

Repeat on the other side.

Cat toy-14

Cut yarn right down the middle of the arc.

Cat toy-04

Be careful not to move the pom pom maker too much after you’ve cut the yarn.  It’s loose at this point.

Cat toy-10

Wrap a piece of strong thread around the middle.

Cat toy 3-05

Tie a knot in the thread and pull tight.

Cat toy 3-03

Tie the other way to make a square knot.

Cat toy 3-04

Make sure you pull the string as tight as you can.  If the string is loose, yarn could fall out of the pom pom.

Cat toy 3-07

Trim the string.

Cat toy 3-06

Lift arc on each side.

Cat toy 3-08

Remove one side of the maker and lift off pom pom.

Cat toy-09

Tuck the end of the hanging string under the pom pom string.

Cat toy-05

Tie in a double knot.

Cat toy-08

Fluff yarn into a ball and trim off stray pieces.

Cat toy-03Cat toy-07


Caprese Scrambled Eggs

Caprese eggs 2-01

Have you ever had insalata caprese?  It’s a salad of tomato, mozzarella, and basil that’s typically served as an appetizer.  This recipe takes the basic ingredients of a caprese salad and adds them to scrambled eggs!  Yum!

Caprese eggs 3-01

Caprese Scrambled Eggs-06

Spray pan with cooking spray.

Caprese Scrambled Eggs-08

Add chopped tomatoes and cook on high for 2 minutes.

Caprese Scrambled Eggs-09

Stir and turn heat down to medium-low.

Caprese Scrambled Eggs-01

Put eggs in a bowl and mix with a fork.

Caprese Scrambled Eggs-07

Pour eggs into the pan.

Caprese Scrambled Eggs-02

Add mozzarella.

Caprese Scrambled Eggs-03

Mix well.

Caprese Scrambled Eggs-05

Add basil and remove from heat.

Caprese Scrambled Eggs-04

Mix well and serve immediately.

DIY Grow Letters

Grow Letters-04

This fun craft is perfect for spring!  Choose chunky wooden letters that stand upright and you can put them anywhere!


Wooden letter cutouts (mine were from the bargain bins at Michael’s)
Green spray paint (or a contrasting color)
Drop cloth
Elmer’s Glue-All
Decorative moss
Paper flowers in a variety of sizes, any color

Grow Letters 2-12

Prepare your area for spray paint and set out the letters.  Remember to remove the labels before painting.

Grow Letters-03

Spray the side and top of letters with paint.  Be sure to follow the directions on the can.

Grow Letters 2-17

Check and see if paint is dry and turn over letters.  You may wish to put down a new piece of plastic.

Grow Letters 2-16

Spray the back of the letters and leave to dry.

Grow Letters 2-13

While paint is drying, prepare your moss.

Grow Letters 2-19

Cut up moss into smaller pieces.

Grow Letters 2-18

Continue to cut up moss until it’s nice and small.

Grow Letters-02

When letters are completely dry, set them out on newspaper.

Grow Letters 2-11

Get your moss, glue, and sponge.

Grow Letters 2-14

Add glue to sponge.

Grow Letters 2-15

Apply an even coat of glue to the top of one of the letters.

Grow Letters 2-06

Put letter into the cut up moss and press down firmly.

Grow Letters 2-08

Continue to glue and add moss to each letter.

Grow Letters 2-09

Don’t worry if the moss looks messy at this point.  You with trim it up when the glue dries.

Grow Letters 2-10

Now it’s time to attach the flowers.  I recommend setting them up before gluing.

Grow Letters 2-05

Put glue on the back of the flowers.

Grow Letters 2-03

Press firmly to secure to moss.

Grow Letters 2-02

Continue to glue on all of the flowers.

Grow Letters 2-01

Leave to dry for several hours.

Grow Letters 2-04

Trim off all the messy moss edges.

Grow Letters-01

Now find a nice place to display your letters.