Plastic Egg Workout Draw

Egg chore jar 2-02

I was looking to add some variety to my workout routine, so I came up with this fun project!  I put my workout DVDs in the eggs and drew one at random.  Now I can do a different workout everyday!  You could also put chores or other things in the eggs instead.  It’s a fun way to motivate yourself to do things you’ve been avoiding.  If you have a salad spinner you can use it to mix up your eggs.  Have fun!


Plastic eggs
Workout videos or chore list printed out on paper strips
Salad spinner (optional)

Egg chore jar 2-03

I picked up this 18-pack of eggs from the dollar tree.

egg chore jar-01

I printed out the DVD covers in color and on card stock, but you don’t have to be that elaborate if you don’t want to.

egg chore jar-03

Put your eggs into your salad spinner or a large bowl.  Or, it could be fun to put them in an Easter basket.

Egg chore jar 2-01

Fill the eggs with your workouts or chores.

egg chore jar-02

Spin and draw.  I plan to leave out what I draw each day so that I can slowly go through all my DVDs.


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