DIY Grow Letters

Grow Letters-04

This fun craft is perfect for spring!  Choose chunky wooden letters that stand upright and you can put them anywhere!


Wooden letter cutouts (mine were from the bargain bins at Michael’s)
Green spray paint (or a contrasting color)
Drop cloth
Elmer’s Glue-All
Decorative moss
Paper flowers in a variety of sizes, any color

Grow Letters 2-12

Prepare your area for spray paint and set out the letters.  Remember to remove the labels before painting.

Grow Letters-03

Spray the side and top of letters with paint.  Be sure to follow the directions on the can.

Grow Letters 2-17

Check and see if paint is dry and turn over letters.  You may wish to put down a new piece of plastic.

Grow Letters 2-16

Spray the back of the letters and leave to dry.

Grow Letters 2-13

While paint is drying, prepare your moss.

Grow Letters 2-19

Cut up moss into smaller pieces.

Grow Letters 2-18

Continue to cut up moss until it’s nice and small.

Grow Letters-02

When letters are completely dry, set them out on newspaper.

Grow Letters 2-11

Get your moss, glue, and sponge.

Grow Letters 2-14

Add glue to sponge.

Grow Letters 2-15

Apply an even coat of glue to the top of one of the letters.

Grow Letters 2-06

Put letter into the cut up moss and press down firmly.

Grow Letters 2-08

Continue to glue and add moss to each letter.

Grow Letters 2-09

Don’t worry if the moss looks messy at this point.  You with trim it up when the glue dries.

Grow Letters 2-10

Now it’s time to attach the flowers.  I recommend setting them up before gluing.

Grow Letters 2-05

Put glue on the back of the flowers.

Grow Letters 2-03

Press firmly to secure to moss.

Grow Letters 2-02

Continue to glue on all of the flowers.

Grow Letters 2-01

Leave to dry for several hours.

Grow Letters 2-04

Trim off all the messy moss edges.

Grow Letters-01

Now find a nice place to display your letters.


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