DIY Pom Pom Cat Toy

Cat toy-02Cat toy-06

The Clover pom pom maker is a great tool for making pom poms and what a perfect toy for cats!  Tie a string around the pom pom and you can dangle it for your cat for hours of fun with your favorite feline friend!


Clover pom pom maker
yarn, any color
string to secure and hang, any color
thread scissors

Cat toy-01

The clover pom pom maker comes in several sizes and can be purchased at your local craft store.  I got the large pom pom maker from Michael’s with my 40% off coupon.

The package comes with detailed instructions, but you can follow my directions if you want to see how the pom pom maker works before buying it.

Cat toy-18

The pom pom maker comes apart into two pieces.

Cat toy-17

To make a pom pom, put the two pieces together and line them up.

Cat toy 3-01

Next, open two of the arcs.

Cat toy-16

Wrap yarn around the arcs.

Cat toy-11

Attach yarn to maker using a simple loop knot.

Cat toy-12

Wrap yarn tightly around arc.

Cat toy-13

Continue until the entire arc is covered with yarn.

Cat toy 2-02

Trim yarn with several spare inches.

Cat toy 2-01

Tie yarn into a knot to secure.

Cat toy-15

Repeat on the other side.

Cat toy-14

Cut yarn right down the middle of the arc.

Cat toy-04

Be careful not to move the pom pom maker too much after you’ve cut the yarn.  It’s loose at this point.

Cat toy-10

Wrap a piece of strong thread around the middle.

Cat toy 3-05

Tie a knot in the thread and pull tight.

Cat toy 3-03

Tie the other way to make a square knot.

Cat toy 3-04

Make sure you pull the string as tight as you can.  If the string is loose, yarn could fall out of the pom pom.

Cat toy 3-07

Trim the string.

Cat toy 3-06

Lift arc on each side.

Cat toy 3-08

Remove one side of the maker and lift off pom pom.

Cat toy-09

Tuck the end of the hanging string under the pom pom string.

Cat toy-05

Tie in a double knot.

Cat toy-08

Fluff yarn into a ball and trim off stray pieces.

Cat toy-03Cat toy-07



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