5 Minute Craft-Flower Envelope and File Folder

Flower File-01

I needed a new envelope to store my receipts and a new file folder to hold my paperwork, but I didn’t want boring ones, so I decorated them with flowers!  You can make your flowers any color that you want and can use any arrangement that takes your fancy.  This craft is so quick and easy.  It’s perfect for spring!

Flower Envelope-01


Card stock, any color
Flower punch
Hole punch
Paper fasteners
Ruler & pencil (optional)
File folders

Flower File Folder-05

Punch out flowers in card stock.  Punch out the center of the flower with a hole punch.

Flower File Folder-03

If you want your flowers to be evenly spaced, measure and mark with a pencil.

Flower File Folder-01

Push fastener through the envelope (or file folder) on the pencil mark.

Flower File Folder-02

Attach flower and fastener to envelope or file folder.

Flower File Folder-04

Flatten back of fastener to secure to paper.

Flower Envelope-03

That’s it.  It’s that easy!  Repeat this process until your boring office supplies are beautifully decorated!


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