March Foodie Pen Pal


My foodie pen pal for March is Colleen from CRichmanFreebies!

March Foodie Pen Pal-03

What Collen sent me:
Heart-shaped pasta
Apple Butter
Soy milk
Vanilla balsamic vinegar

March Foodie Pen Pal 2-01

I love soy milk.  I have it in my coffee every morning.  Delicious!

March Foodie Pen Pal 2-02

I am so intrigued by this vanilla bean balsamic vinegar!  Colleen recommended drizzling it over fruit.  Sounds so interesting!

March Foodie Pen Pal-02

This apple butter is nice and thick and spreads easily on toast.  You can smell the cinnamon as soon as you open the jar.  Yum!

March Foodie Pen Pal-01

The heart-shaped pasta is so fun.  I added creamy marinara for a tasty lunch.

Wanna join Foodie Pen Pals and exchange foods with another blogger?  Join now at The Lean Green Bean.



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