DIY Framed Bleached Fabric

Bleached Fabric Frame-01

Do you have fabric scraps laying around your house?  Why not bleach cool sayings and designs and put them in a bright plastic frame?!

Framed Bleached Fabric-08


Clorox bleach pen
Paper towels
Iron/ironing board
Fabric pen (optional)
Fabric scissors
Small plastic frames

Framed Bleached Fabric-04

I just organized all of my fabric into several bins and put together this bin with scraps and remnants.  I had so many colors and styles to choose from!   But first I needed to test the fabric to see how it reacted to the bleach.

Framed Bleached Fabric-01

Because not all fabric is bleach-able, I had to test them first.  To test for bleach-ability, I snipped off the corner of fabrics under consideration and laid them out on a paper towel.

Framed Bleached Fabric-12

I shook the bleach pen and squeezed a little bit out on a paper towel before applying to fabric.

Framed Bleached Fabric-11

I drew a triangle on each piece of fabric to also test how much it will bleed.

Framed Bleached Fabric-10

A bubble formed in the bleach gel as I was applying it to this piece of fabric.  I popped with a toothpick and added more bleach to cover it up.

Framed Bleached Fabric-09

I let the bleach covered fabric sit undisturbed for 30 minutes.

Framed Bleached Fabric-07

I checked back after a half an hour and noticed that some pieces of fabric were clearly bleached.

Bleached Fabric-01

I rinsed each piece of fabric thoroughly.

Bleached Fabric-07

I inspected the fabric to see which ones bleached nicely and set them aside.  Then I paired the fabric with the frames I had and came up with a design or saying for each one.

Bleached Fabric-11

For shapes and free form letters, I put a small amount of bleach gel on the end of a thick toothpick.

Bleached Fabric-12Bleached Fabric-10

Then I applied a controlled amount of bleach to the fabric.

Bleached Fabric-08

For the block worded designs I used a plastic stencil.

Bleached Fabric-04

I put the stencil on the fabric and applied a small amount of bleach using a toothpick.

Bleached Fabric-13

When I removed the stencil I could see the letter written in bleach.

Framed Bleached Fabric-02

I continued this process with each of the letters in each word.

Bleached Fabric-09

Once again, I let the bleach sit undisturbed for 30 minutes.

Bleached Fabric-14

I rinsed the fabric well and set it out to dry.

Bleached Fabric-06

Some of the pieces of fabric curled and wrinkled as they dried so I ironed them flat.

Bleached Fabric-05

I used a fabric pen to outline the bleach on some of the designs.  This step is completely optional.

Framed Bleached Fabric-05

Next I put the fabric into the frames.

Framed Bleached Fabric-06

I took out the paper insert from the frame and placed on the fabric.

Framed Bleached Fabric-03

Then I cut around the paper to make sure it would fit in the frame.

Bleached Fabric-02

I placed the trimmed fabric face down into the frame and latched it in place.

Bleached Fabric-03



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