5 Minute Glitter Eggs

Glitter Eggs-01

Glitter makes everything better! This craft is super quick because it uses spray adhesive.  Spray adhesive is super sticky and glitter adheres to it instantly.  If you get glue on your fingers, wash it off easily with body oil.


Eggs, any type
Spray adhesive
Newspaper or junk mail

Glitter Eggs-02

You can use any kind of egg for this project: foam, wooden, paper mache, plastic, or even real eggs.

Glitter Egg-05

Place your egg on newspaper or junk mail.  I also recommend using a piece of cardboard to protect your walls.

Glitter Egg-04

Spray a thick layer of spray adhesive all over the egg.

Glitter Egg-02

Place egg on a fresh sheet of paper and shake glitter over it.

Glitter Egg-03

Continue to sprinkle glitter over the egg until there’s a thick layer. Tip the leftover glitter back into its container.

Glitter Egg-01

Continue with the rest of your eggs in a variety of glitter colors.


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