Delicious Tomato Bread

Tomato Lemon Bread-05

Kick french bread up a notch by adding the fresh and tangy Mediterranean flavors of this delicious tomato mixture.  It works well with tapas, or as an appetizer or side.

Tomato Lemon Bread-02


tomatoes on the vine (8 small or 4 large), roughly chopped
2 garlic cloves, sliced
lemon rind, grated
lemon juice from half a lemon
1 tablespoon olive oil
french bread
salt & pepper

Lemon Tomato Bread-02

Rinse tomatoes with fresh, cold water.

Tomato Lemon Bread-03

Add tomatoes, garlic, lemon rind, and a touch of salt to a sauce pan, cover, and cook on medium-low for five minutes.

Tomato Lemon Bread-04

While tomatoes are cooking, preheat oven 400F and slice up french bread.

Tomato Lemon Bread-01

Toast bread for 8 minutes turning over halfway through cooking.

Lemon Tomato Bread-04

After tomatoes have cooked for five minutes add olive oil and lemon juice.

Lemon Tomato Bread-01

Turn up heat to medium-heat and cook for 8 minutes to thicken and cook off juices.

Lemon Tomato Bread-03

Spoon tomatoes onto bread, top with fresh ground cracked pepper, and serve hot.




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