Painted Eggshell Planters

Painted Egg Planters-03

This a great spring project!  You can decorate the eggs for Easter, and once your plants grow big enough to transplant, simply place the eggshell and plant in the ground!  I planted Zinnias in my eggs, but you can plant whatever you want.  Follow the instructions on the back of your seed package for sowing information.


White eggs
Paper towel
Watercolor paint
Water container
Nail, screw, corkscrew, or ice pick

Painted Egg Planters-05

Rinse and dry eggs as you use them.  Continue this until you’ve eaten the entire carton.

Painted Eggshell Paint-05

Set up your workspace by getting your paints ready and setting out plenty of paper towel.  Also get a container for water.

Painted Eggshell Paint-03

Painting eggs with watercolor is super easy!  Simply paint and let dry.  Add more water for thinner colors and less for thicker look.

Painted Egg Planters-04

Paint your eggs a variety of colors.

Painted Eggshell Paint-01

After the paint is completely dry, use something sharp to poke a drainage hole in the bottom of the shell.

Painted Eggshell Paint-02

The shell is surprisingly strong.  I used a screw to make my holes and none of the egg cracked.

Painted Egg Planters-01

Make holes in all of the eggs and put them back in the egg carton.

Painted Egg Planters-02

Add soil and seeds to eggshells following the instructions on the seed package.

Painted Eggshell Paint-04

Moisten water.

Painted Egg Planters-06

Find a place in your house with the right amount of sunlight for your plants.  I put my eggs on the windowsill in the sunniest spot in my house.



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