Eating In and Out Burger in a Convertible

Burgers in a convertible-02

In and Out Burger-03

Yesterday I tried In and Out Burger for the first time.  Have you ever been?  It’s an old fashioned fast food burger joint located throughout the SouthWest & California.  I hadn’t tried it before because I had no idea that they had a vegetarian option.  In and Out Burger has a large secret menu.

In and Out Burger-01

The vegetarian burger is pretty funny.  It’s all the fixings of the cheese burger but with two slices of cheese and no beef patty.  It comes with a tangy sauce that adds much needed flavor and moisture.  The best part was that it was only $2.05!

Burgers in a convertible-03

They give you a box to eat out so my husband and I decided to eat it on our way home.

Burgers in a convertible-04

Adam behind the wheel, eating his burger .

Burgers in a convertible-01

When I got home I checked on my painted eggshell planters.  The seeds have sprouted!

In and Out Burger-02

Just for fun, here’s a photo of my cat, Tiggy.



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