DIY Tie Napkin

Tie Napkin-19

Add instant sophistication to your man’s outfit. It’s funny and makes a great gift, too.


Cloth napkin
Real tie for template
Large piece of paper
Paper scissors
Ironing supplies: iron, ironing board, starch
Checkered, polka dot, striped, or plaid fabric for tie
Sewing supplies: pins, thread, fabric scissors
Sewing machine
Fray check

Tie Napkin-16

Wash and iron napkin and tie fabric.  Lay out on a flat surface.

Napkin Tie-07

Fold under corner of napkin.  This is what you will tuck into your shirt.

Tie Napkin-15

Set out a real tie on the napkin.  Line up the tip of the tie with that of the napkin.  Make sure there is 2-3 inches between the bottom of the tie and the bottom of the napkin.

Tie Napkin-12

Put piece of paper under the tie for pattern.

Tie Napkin-14Tie Napkin-05

Draw around tie.

Tie Napkin-04

Cut out tie pattern.

Tie Napkin-13

Fold tie pattern in half.

Tie Napkin-10

Trim off uneven parts of the tie pattern so that the tie will be even on both sides.

Tie Napkin-09

Fold over your washed and ironed tie fabric.

Tie Napkin-08

Set your tie pattern on the fabric and pin in place.  You want the fold of the pattern to match up with the fold of the fabric.

Tie Napkin-03

Cut out tie using sharp fabric scissors.

Tie Napkin-11

Cut a rectangle for the top of the tie.

Napkin Tie-05Tie Napkin-06

Using a serger, sew around both tie parts.  Trim off thread edges.  If you don’t have a serger, fold under seam allowance and iron for a crisp edge.  Then sew to napkin using your regular sewing machine.

Napkin Tie-04

Iron tie parts flat.

Tie Napkin-02

Place tie on napkin and pin bottom part of tie in place.  Sew it in place using a regular sewing machine.

Tie Napkin-01

Trim off threads.

Napkin Tie-03Napkin Tie-01

Place tie rectangle over the bottom part of the tie and pin in place.  Sew in place using a regular sewing machine.

Napkin Tie-02

Trim off any stray threads.

Tie Napkin-18

Fray check corners of tie or anywhere that looks like it could fray.  Follow directions on bottle for drying and washing instructions.

Tie Napkin-20


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