Funny Foam Mustache

Mustache-03Funny foam mustache-12

Mustaches are so fun!  I made these for my wonderful niece and nephew.  Their dog, Bean, even joined in on the fun!


Thick black foam sheet
Scrapbook paper
Card stock, any color
Free mustache template
Die cutting machine (optional)
Ballpoint pen
Craft knife
Spray adhesive
Scratch paper
Bamboo skewers
Black paint
Liquidtex gloss gel or gloss Mod Podge (optional)


Mustache template.  Click to enlarge and then save to desktop.

Funny foam mustache-13

Cut out mustaches using die cutting machine (like a Cricut machine) or by tracing and cutting by hand.


Place card stock on foam and trace with a ballpoint pen.  The pen will leave an indentation in the foam that’s easy to see.

Funny foam mustache-09

Cut out mustache using heavy duty scissors.

Funny foam mustache-06

Cut out the curl of the mustache using a craft knife.

Funny foam mustache-07

Use a craft knife to clean up the edges.

Funny foam mustache-14

Paint bamboo skewers with black craft of acrylic paint.  You may need to add multiple coats if your paint is thin.  I used two coats of thick acrylic paint.

Funny foam mustache-08

Place scrapbook paper face down on scrap paper.

Funny foam mustache-04

Spray with an even layer of spray adhesive.

Funny foam mustache-01

Carefully stick paper to the foam.

Funny foam mustache-11

You can add a glossy coating to the mustache if you wish.  You can also use Mod Podge if you don’t have gloss gel medium.

Funny foam mustache-03

While adding gloss, take care to even out streaks and brush marks.


Set out to dry.

Funny foam mustache-02

You can avoid using messy glues by sticking the sharp end of the skewer into the foam.


Decide which side of the mustache you’d like the stick to go into.  Put the skewer into the foam and twist back and forth until it’s firmly in place.

Funny foam mustache-10




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