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Come on in and check out the topics covered in each of the themed Purple House Blog room posts.

Blog logos wordpress-01Purple attic posts include all things vintage, thrift store finds, creative organization, & DIY recycled crafts.

Blog logos wordpress-06Check out to the purple lounge posts for photography, art, film, & fashion.

Blog logos wordpress-03Purple pantry posts will feature vegetarian recipes, restaurant inspired recipes, meat and non-meat side-by-side recipes, and more!

Blog logos wordpress-05Purple library themed posts will discuss fiction, poetry, museums, and random thoughts to ponder.

Blog logos wordpress-08Purple workshop posts will include exciting DIY craft and sewing projects.

Blog logos wordpress-04Purple playroom includes fun kid related posts, like crafts, games, and more!

Blog logos wordpress-10Purple powder room posts discuss women’s health and beauty topics.

Blog logos wordpress-09Purple waiting room posts will feature upcoming products from Purple House Designs.  Click the shop link on the top of the page to see the exciting products that are available now!


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